Product & Services

Product & Services

Medical Application

Fiber Optic Cable for all Medical & Surgical applications like Endoscopic, Laparoscope, Head Light, Ring Light, Microscope, etc Also Fiber Optic bend pipe, tube for variety of Hand Instruments, Retractors, Anesthetic Laryngoscope,Laser Delliver Fiber Cables etc. Read More

Medical Products

  • Fiber Light Guide Cables
  • Light Sources
  • Laser Deliver Cables
  • Medical LED Headlights
  • Fiber Optic Illuminated Instruments & carrier pipes

Industrial Application

-measurement of position / displacement, proximity, velocity, temperature, etc.

Special applications like Pyrometer; Glass defect identification based on reflection; Induction Furnace - High Voltage & Frequency environment; Flame scanner in Boiler; in hazardous & Explosive environment, etc.

Sensor probes for Spectroscope & Research applications.
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Industrial Products

  • Industrial Light Guide Cables
  • Non-Destructive Testing

Lighting Application

The Fiber Optic for lighting applications - Decorative Lighting, Architectural and Landscape lighting, Retail, Conservation lighting, Signage, safe lighting, etc. for Jewelley showrooms, Restaurants, Swimming pools, Museums & Galleries, Shopping Malls, Leisure centers, etc.
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Lighting Products