Nondestructive Testing

Nondestructive Testing

Non destructive Testing by view & measuring Boroscopes-

Integrated View & measuring scope -
With our expertise in lighting and optical solutions we design and develop low cost, non destructive integrated viewing and measuring solutions. They are ideally suited for visual inspection of hollow cavities or components that are difficult to access without time-consuming disassembly.

The Optics, lighting, Boroscope and camera are integrated with components specific systems that are designed for easy loading, clamping and orientation of components for inspection of hollow cavities or components. The system is also built with Poka-yoke to ensure safety of delicate optical parts like Boroscope. In addition, the zoom focus facilitates increase or decrease of the magnification to optimized coverage of particular area of component.

The Integrated system offer negligible or reduced fatigue to the operator which increases through-put, accuracy and reliability of measurement.

Variety of Instruments have been developed, particularly for automobile industry - for diesel fuel injection system components like- CR Nozzle, BDN Nozzle, CR Hydraulic Head, Common Rail body, Nozzle Holder Body, Front Plate, Pump Housing etc.