optic cables are becoming ever more present in the industrial environment, as they are immune to electromagnetic interference. AOT manufactures Fiber Optic Cables that are safe in High Temperature environment area & being Non corrosive suits for Industrial requirements.

AOT cables are Electromagnetically Insulated that is ideal for small working areas. AOT cables are available in a variety of standard & customized sizes along with accurate configurations to suit most of the industrial applications.

1. Optimal Selection of IR-Fiber
2. Customized cap locks & connectors are available.
3. Multichannel Process -Photometry
4. High Optical throughput at characteristics wavelengths.
5. Special design for customer applications.
6. Capacity of multichannel cables.


  • Non-Contact Temperature measurement
  • Flame Scanner
  • Machine Vision
  • Sensors
  • UV Curing
  • Material Investigation